Grade level: 3-8
Equipment: Tennis balls, volleyballs, pylons
Game Description: Bullseye is a hugely simple and hugely awesome throwing or target game. Two teams compete to be the first to knock the volleyballs off their cones by chucking tennis balls at them. Heads up!

How To Play:

  1. Split the gym or playing area into two halves.
  2. Create two teams. Each team is on their own half.
  3. Each team is split into two along both sidelines, with 3 cones between them.  On the 3 cones are balanced 3 volleyballs as targets.
  4. Give all players a tennis ball.
  5. On the signal, players attempt to throw the tennis balls back-and-forth at their volleyballs to knock them off of the cones.
  6. First team to knock over all 3 volleyballs wins the round.
  7. Set back up and repeat!

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