Grade level: 3-8
Equipment: Dodgeballs
Game Description: See how long you can survive in the middle! This every-man-for-himself dodgeball game uses the basketball court lines as the playing area. Great for spatial awareness, dodging, throwing, and of course lots of running.

  1. Use the basketball or volleyball court boundaries as your playing area.
  2. Players start spread out inside the court. Add in the dodgeballs and start the game.
  3. When a player gets hit, he must then leave the playing area and head to the outskirts or perimeter. The player is not completely out of the game, since he can still throw balls at players who are still left in the middle.
  4. Last person standing in the middle is the champ!


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  1. I taught middle school for 9 years. This year I was assigned elementary and your website has made my transition very easy. The past teacher always played the old school activities. My students really enjoy all these new games. When I have time I will send u a few activites that are not listed that the kids love

  2. crackerball I play at the boy’s & girl’s club it is VERY fun

  3. thank you very much I am in high school and every friday 1 or 2 students is assined to make a game to find a game to play and I think this is going to be alot of fun

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