Walk The Plank

Grade level: 5-8
Equipment: 2 mats, 2 benches, 2 hula hoops, dodgeballs
Game Description: Walk The Plank is best played as a dodgeball game, but it could be a tag game with the right modifications (for those of you who don’t play dodgeball games). This game is a HUGE HIT with students, so have fun! Set-up a dodgeball game with 2 teams, each on their own half of the gym. Except that in the endzones of each team area you will need to set-up a “walk-the-plank” apparatus (use a bench as the plank, and an exercise mat on the floor in front of it as the “water” that the players will jump into off of the bench). You’ll also need to place down a hula hoop at an appropriate distance from the plank/mat apparatus – the hula hoop will be used as the spot for a specific thrower. So set-up all of this stuff the same on both sides/endzones. Use whatever dodgeball rules you normally use (hits below the waist, deadballs on bounce, etc). The difference with this game is that when a player gets hit, he must go to the opposite endzone where the plank apparatus is set-up. The first player will actually go into the hula-hoop and be a thrower. Subsequent players who are hit will go and walk the plank. At the end of the plank walk, they will jump onto the mat (water) but at the same time trying to catch a ball thrown by the player in the hoop. If a successful catch, the THROWER gets to go back to his side and continue playing dodgeball, and the player who caught it is the new thrower. This sequence continues throughout the round as players get hit and go back and forth… OK so this written description doesn’t sound very clear – in fact, it sounds downright confusing, so you really need to watch the video. Enjoy!


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  1. When the person in the hula hoop is tossing the ball to the person on the plank, what keeps them from not using the exact same ball to throw and catch to the people every time. One ball could be used the entire time??? Other balls coming behind that line just sit there on the ground? How do you get them back into play?

  2. I modified this game for a Grade 2 class today. I removed the bench and replaced it with another hoop. Instead of jumping off the plank the students had to stand in the second hoop and simply catch the ball. They loved it. The throwers quickly learned that they needed to make a controlled toss. I also allowed them to pick up a ball on their way to the “thrower’s” hoop or leave to go get one. This made the game flow nicely.

  3. For sure one ball could be used the whole time (until someone misses and it rolls to the wrong area). No problem with that! With the balls that roll behind the line, you could say the other team can go there to get them, as long as they don’t interfere with the throwing/catching. Haven’t had either of those things being a problem yet, and the kids keep wanting more of this game!

  4. this is a good game

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