Treasure Chest

Grade level: K-4
Equipment: Cones, Hula Hoops, Random Objects or Toys (ex. from dollar store)
Game Description: This game is a super fun relay style collecting games, where players team up to try to collect treasures! The treasures (toys, equipment, objects) are dumped out onto the floor on one side of the gym. On the other side of the gym, relay teams set up each behind a cone. Each team also has a hula hoop as a collection area to put their treasures in. Before the game starts, the teacher chooses a few “secret treasures” from the pile and tells the teams that whoever finds the ‘secret treasures’ wins the round – and the losing teams perform an exercise like 10 jumping jacks. Or you could play where the team with the most wins. Or team that collects the most of a certain color. Lots of different ideas! Also, instead of running, players could try skipping, gallopping, backwards, etc to work on different basic transport skills. Have fun with Treasure Chest today, hope you enjoy this physedgame!

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