The Maze

Grade Level: 2-8
Equipment: Poly spots (lilly pads)
Game Description: This is a teambuilding game where students take turns trying to find their way through the maze of lilly pads and get to the end. But with every wrong move, they must head to the back of the line and give someone else a chance. It’s great for memory-practice, communication, and team activity. Create fun and challenging mazes, switch up the leaders, and give it a go!


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  1. Just came across this game and played it for the first time. Kids had a blast!! They talked about it all day and administration even joined in.

  2. Great game…I usuall have boys against girls…every wrong answer they have to do an exercise…then it’s up to the other team to guess the order…back and forth until one team reaches the end to win…great cooperative & also paying attention!

  3. How do the students know to move? Does the teacher ask questions or do they have questions on note cards, etc?

    • The students take a guess where to move, one spot at a time. If they guess correctly, they keep going. Once they make a mistake, they go to the back of the line. Hopefully the next person who goes remembers the right direction…

      • Sorry for all the questions! Are the children allowed to help a teammate with the right direction? (one child makes it a couple steps in the right, then makes a mistake and goes to the end of his line. The next in line starts and goes ahead, but has his teammates telling him which way to go? Or is no one allowed to help?) Thanks so much! I LOVE your website and always look to it for new and fresh ideas! Keep them coming!!

        • No problem. It’s totally up to you whether or not you allow other students to help. Normally it’s played without help (so all players need to focus and keep attention on the game) but it could for sure work great with the ‘help’ rule as well. Thanks!

  4. How would two teams work going at the same time?

  5. Can I get a copy of the different maze patterns?

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