Submarines & Mines

Grade level: 2-8
Equipment: 3 hula hoops, 6 foam balls
Game Description: This game is similar to the British-bulldog type of game, except the tagger(s) in the middle area get foam balls. The main object of the game is that the runners will try to go from one end of the gym to the other end without being touched by the submarines’ torpedoes (soft balls) or the mines (participants who got tagged laying on the floor on their stomach).
– 3 hula hoops are placed in center of play area – middle of gym.
– 1 captain in each submarine (hula hoop) each with 2 balls.
– at the signal, runners must try to go across gym without being touched by ball (even if it touched the ground first); if they get touched, they become mines and lay on the floor on their stomach. The only way they can move is by pivoting on their stomach. They try to assist the submarines by touching the passing participants either with their feet or hands.
– the last 3 to survive become the submarines.
– the submarines’ captains must be in their submarine while throwing and can run to fetch their balls but must come back in subs to throw again.
– remember that with the ‘go’ signal, everyone is in play until they reach a safe zone at the other end of gym.
(Thanks to Bernard Boulerice)


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  1. awesome game

  2. Thank you for updating your website with so many awesome games! I try many of them and I always refer other teachers to your site!

  3. I have used this outside with kids church and they love it. For variation we now have students who have been tagged to sit on buckets from Lowes as mine sitters and they use a foam noodle to tag players running by

  4. Great game! The only adjustments I made was to give each of the captains in their submarine… 3 balls instead of two and I color coordinated the balls to their color hoola hoop.

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