Grade level: 1-8
Equipment: 6 cones/pylons
Game Description: A fantastic running or dribbling game with lots of positive review. Teams will run or race on the Speedway, with players on each team taking turns cruising laps. A unique relay-style idea to get imaginations flowing and bodies moving. This is a continuous motion game with lots of room for variations. It can be played competitively or non-competitively.

  1. Create the race-track and teams in the gym as shown below (the volleyball court or basketball court works great).
  2. First person on each team steps onto the track, waiting for the start signal.
  3. Choose a direction for the players to race their laps.
  4. On go, the players run a lap and upon returning, high five the next player in line who then goes.
  5. Game continues on for determined time, laps, or score system of your choice.


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  1. It is great Game … all enjoying it

  2. This is a great warm-up! Thanks for sharing!

  3. Great warm-up idea. Always looking for fun, cardio-focused games that distract the students from realizing how hard they are actually working!

  4. I have used this same game with basketball hockey and soccer ball/stick handling

  5. I used this warm-up with grades 1 through 5. I added an exercise part … the children who were waiting to run did jumping jacks. When the runner came back, he/she gives the new runner a high-five and then goes to the back of the line and joins in with the others doing jumping jacks. They do it for three minutes … the length of an upbeat song that I use.

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