Grade level: 4-8
Equipment: Up to 50 small objects (beanbags, cones, balls, etc), mesh bags (or containers)
Game Description: Snakes is a team-building game that has players moving around together quickly and swiftly as snakes, trying to pick up as many objects as they can. Here’s how to get started: spread all of the small objects somewhere along the floor, have groups form snakes (maybe 4 or 5 players per snake – each snake has a head, body, and tail), and give the last person in line (the tail) the collection bag. Basically, on the starting whistle, all the snakes will travel around trying to collect the objects from the floor. However, only the HEAD (front person) of the snake is allowed to pick up the objects. Then the object MUST be passed down the snake from player to player all the way to the tail, who can then place the object into the bag. Play this game for a specified time limit, or until all objects have been collected. Switch up groups, or create different sizes of snakes. As usual, think of ways to modify or spice up this game to suit the needs of your players!

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