Shark Attack

Grade level: 1-6
Equipment: None
Game Description: This game is a huge hit. It is very similar to a British Bulldog-type game, however, Shark Attack brings players to the beach for change of scenery. The idea is for the swimmers to not get bit (tagged) by the sharks in the middle.

  1. Players start in a line on the edge of the gym – those are the swimmers. Choose a couple of sharks who start in the middle.
  2. The sharks yell out, ‘Shark Attack’ and players try to run across to the other side without getting tagged.
  3. If a swimmer does get bit (tagged) as he tries to swim (run) across to the other side, he must sit and wave his arms for help. On the next round, if another friendly beach-goer swims by and gives a high five to the player who was bit, then he is rescued and can join back in the game for the following round.
  4. The game continues on and on from side to side, over and over again, for as long as desired. Lots of running in this game!

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  1. Similar in many ways to ‘British Bulldog’ played in the UK , and by us at Grammar (High-)School , also played a lot by Scouts in the UK 🙂

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