Save The Statues

Grade level: 3-8
Equipment: Hula hoops, foam balls
Game Description: Save The Statues is a throwing, catching, blocking, and defending game. There are two teams: 1 consists of statues who are ‘stuck’ in hula hoops around the perimeter of the basketball or volleyball court lines, as well as throwers in the center circle. The other team consists of defenders who are trying to prevent the statues from catching balls thrown by the throwers. When a statue catches a ball that was thrown, he is freed and becomes a thrower in the middle. Play until all statues are freed, or for a certain time limit. Try this unique throwing and catching game in your physical education class for a fun and skill-improving activity.


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  1. Great game! I like to add a variation: the statues can move to an open hoop. This gets the statues moving more and thinking about how to get open. Also, when there are only a couple statues left and all of the defenders are focused on those few that are left, they have more of a chance to catch a ball by being able to move to an open hoop.

  2. Loved this!! I used the suggested variation today in class and called it ‘Zombie Throw’ for Halloween. My kids loved it! Thanks for sharing this idea and variation!

  3. What country is this game from

  4. Loved this game! I changed the name to “Save the Turkeys” for my Thanksgiving theme this week. I timed it 4 minutes to see if each group could save all the Turkeys within 4 minutes.

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