Grade level: 1-6
Equipment: 1 or 2 playground balls
Game Description: Rollerball is best played on a basketball court. Divide students into two teams (perhaps use a basketball court for this game). Each team spreads out on their half the basketball court. Players from opposing teams cannot cross the center line. The object of the game is to roll the ball across the opposite end line. If the ball crosses the opposite end line a point is awarded to the team who rolled the ball.
If the ball goes out of bounds, the closest player from the team whose side is closest to the ball will raise their hand before chasing the ball. Once retrieved, that player rolls it in to a teammate so the game can continue. Whenever a player has the ball, they have 10 seconds to do something with it (either roll it or pass it to a teammate). They are allowed to move around with the ball and get close to the half court line before rolling the ball. Emphasize that they can’t cross the half court line when they roll the ball. If they step across the half court line when the roll it, no point is awarded.
– Encourage lots of passing to other teammates.
– Emphasize to the students that the ball must be rolled and not thrown.
– Start off with one ball in the game and after about 15 minutes of play, add the second ball.
– You can also set up cones outside the end lines. If a cone is hit by a ball, an extra point is awarded.
(Thanks to Doug Gorham for this game idea!)


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  1. I enjoyed Rollerball! Great game; however I do suggest to have more than just two balls to play. Only 2 allows for more standing around from those students who do NOT have a ball. I threw in approximately 6-7 playground balls per side. More engagement and more students “rolling” the ball to score points.

  2. When the opposing team is trying to block the ball from getting into the designated area are they allowed to use feet/hands? How have most teachers played it? I love this idea and would love to use it in my classroom, was just wanting more info.

    • Hey Kristie,
      I let my students use their hands and their feet. I also put up five bowling pins behind the baseline on each side of the basketball court. If the ball travels past the baseline they receive one point and two points if it knocks down the bowling pin. Students travel to half court to collect beanie babies (points) and place them in their basket. I hope this helps!

  3. will we have more fun games coming up

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