Grade Level: 4-8
Equipment: Basketballs
Game Description: Pirates is a fantastic game to practice dribbling and control in basketball. All players dribble a basketball around the playing area, while 3 pirates without a ball go around and try to steal the ball from a player. If a pirate manages to steal a ball, then the player who is left without a ball is now one of the 3 pirates.

  1. Players find a spot in the playing area, each with a basketball in hand.
  2. Choose 3 or 4 players to be ‘Pirates’. The Pirates don’t have a ball.
  3. On the signal, the Pirates run around trying to cleanly steal a ball from a player.
  4. When a player’s ball is taken, the two switch roles and that player is now a pirate.


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  1. Great Ideas!!! Thank you!! They will help a lot!!

  2. GREAT!!!!!!!!

  3. A modification I tried that worked well was playing with a 2 minute time limit and an exercise penalty for anyone who was a pirate

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