Perfect Pass

Grade level: K-8
Equipment: Hula Hoops, cones, type of ball (football, baseball, frisbee, etc)
Game Description: Perfect Pass is a great throwing and catching game that has players teamed up and ready to work together to earn points. Start by placing down a bunch of hula hoops along the floor, the more the better. Then make some teams of anywhere from 3-5 players who start lined up behind cones in a relay-style setup. Give each team a type of ball (depending which type of sport or throw you’d like to practice). When the game starts, the first person from each team runs to a hoop on the floor and stands in it, waiting to receive a pass from the second person in their teams line. A catch made with both feet in the hula hoop is a great thing, because then that player can bring the hula hoop home and add it as a point to their teams total (if the catch is NOT made, then the hoop does NOT return home = 0 points earned). Then the next person goes out to a hoop to catch another throw, etc, etc. The game continues on like that. Teams try to get the most points by collecting the most hoops, or try to beat their own best score each round. Try varying it up in a bunch of different ways (for example, different hoops are worth different points). And of course as usual, HAVE FUN!

(Thanks to Jason Rosenberg for this game idea)


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  1. I will donate a couple of THROTONs to each program that will use the THROTON in this game and post a video to YouTube.

    Love the game, love the many throw, the many catches.


  2. liked this game. as we used up all the hoops the game ended and then started over after counting who won each round

  3. Played with grades 2-5. We all loved this game. After we played the first round and counted our points, we played round 2 with different colored hoops worth different points. Added in a little math for counting points at the end.

  4. How do you avoid slipping on hoops and colossians?

    • You could use poly spots instead of hoops. They take up less space, are easier to transport and kids will not slip inside or out. Just have them put non dominate foot on spot to throw.

  5. Great game! Thanks for sharing! I used it for soccer.

  6. I think it was pretty great !!! I used it for baseball it was easy using baseball if you are good at it like me.

  7. I’m not a coach to judge, but I’m a kid with knowledge. I had a great time playing this weird game.

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