Mushroom Ball

Grade Level: 4-8
Equipment: 1 Foam Ball
Game Description: The game of Mushroom Ball starts with students scattered in the gym (or field) and a toss-in where any student is free to go after the ball. The player who gets the ball becomes the thrower and will try to throw at any player (discuss safe areas to throw at – maybe from the knee down). The thrower may not take more than three steps before throwing the ball. If a player gets hit he must sit down as a mushroom. Watch out for the mushrooms because they are allowed to tag while sitting! If a sitting player (mushroom) happens to get a hold of a loose ball, they must attempt to pass the ball to another mushroom until all of the mushrooms have touched the ball. If all the mushrooms have touched the ball without an interception by the standing players, the mushrooms get to stand up. A winner is declared if one player is left standing. Try it out for something new in your P.E. class. (Thanks to Eric Grohs for this game idea)


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  1. This is a really great variation of dodgeball. It’s easy to explain and play for all skill levels. We played with a group of students ages 13-17 and they really enjoyed it, requesting to play it all the time! Thanks for all the great ideas on this website.

  2. Do you think it would work with 2 balls in play?

  3. Great game. Not complicated and the kids… loving it! Thanks.

  4. When the thrower has the ball, do people have to stop moving or are they running around while the take their 3 steps? Also do you limit a person from having back to back turns? Meaning if they were just the thrower, they can’t pick it up again on the next turn?

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