Grade level: K-5
Equipment: None
Game Description: A super easy, super fun game for the earlier-aged students. In mousetrap, the mice try to steal the cheese from the middle of the circle, and return it to their home outside of the circle. But they must be careful to time it just right, or else the mousetrap will close in and trap them! Good for laughs and good for exercise.

  1. Half of the players form a circle by joining hands. They are the giant mousetrap.
  2. The other half starts spread out outside of the circle. They are the mice.
  3. Place beanbags in the middle of the circle to represent cheese.
  4. Place a hula hoop against the far wall. That is the collection bin for the cheese.
  5. The mice will attempt to steal pieces of cheese by entering the circle by going under the arms or through the legs and into the mousetrap.
  6. Once inside, a mouse must hurry out with a piece of cheese, because if the teacher yells “MOUSETRAP” then the circle of players collapses their arms down to trap any mice inside (or play along to music, and when the music stops, then the mousetrap closes).
  7. Any mice who were trapped become part of the mousetrap circle.
  8. After all mice have been caught, switch roles and play again.


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  1. This is one of my favourite games for younger children. Sometimes I’ll close my eyes or I’ll have another adult or child close their eyes, sing a tune, then randomly call out “mouse trap!” to make it a little more fair, but the kids generally don’t mind if I’m looking or not.

    WARNING! if you don’t do regular thigh exercises or squats you’ll definitely be in pain for a couple of days after playing this!!!

  2. Needs to be edited. It says No Equipment, then you read the activity and it tells you to use beanbags and a hula hoop.

    • Ah yeah fair enough thanks. I think the first ‘build’ of the game (without the cheese/beanbags) doesn’t need any equipment… it could be played with no equipment in that case… sorry about the confusion!

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