Man From Mars

Grade level: K-4
Equipment: None
Game Description: ‘Man from Mars can you take us to the stars?’ – Only if you’re wearing the color green!  The Man from Mars tries to tag the runners who are wearing the colors he calls out. Each round he calls out a new color. Anyone tagged joins him in the middle to help. Another imaginative type of physical education game, tag-style.

  1. Players line up along the edge of the gym and chant, ‘Man from Mars can you take us to the stars?’.
  2. Man from Mars (tagger) in the middle calls out, ‘Only if you’re wearing the color _____’.
  3. Players with that color try to run across. Anyone tagged joins the tagger in the middle.
  4. Rounds continue over and over.


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  1. They don’t show the star that’s running so fast from the Man From Mars, he smacks his head into the cinder block wall and passes out for X amount of time, to wake up with the entire staff and class staring down at him. To wake up with a fever, vomiting, and just gets sent home early without ever checking to see if he may or may not have a concussion.

    • Ouch, that sounds like a memory that won’t be forgotten anytime soon… I’ve got a similar story with a student playing “Helicoptors” who needed a few stitches after a run-in with a similar brick wall. Accidents happen, right!?

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