Hit & Run

Grade Level: 1-8
Equipment: Foam Balls
Game Description: Hit & Run is a physical education warm-up or dodgeball lead-up game. The idea is very easy, and it really gets the heart rate up: First thing, students partner up. One person starts with the ball. The other person has no ball, and gets a 5 second head start, then runs away. After the 5 second head start the thrower can go chase. They throw as many times as needed until they make a hit. When a hit is made they switch roles. Important to emphasize safety and where on the body it is okay to throw and not to throw the ball. Other than that have fun with another awesome PE game idea! (Thanks to Tate Braeckel for this game idea)

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  1. Nice.
    Im gonna try this with 3 kids for 1 ball.
    Then, you can put music on and the kids passing the ball untill the music stops, and then the one with the ball need to chase the other two. Another option is let the kids pass the ball untill the teacher whistle. Thanks.

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