Grade level: 2-8
Equipment: 4 mats, foam balls, cones
Game Description: Start by creating a “throwing pit” using the middle circle of the gym. Also place down 4 mats, 1 along each side of the gym (like where bases would be placed in baseball except that the mats should be standing upright on their ends). Choose 1 player to be the thrower who must throw from inside the circle/throwing pit – that player starts with all the foam balls. The remaining players will run in the same direction around the mats, trying not to get hit by a ball thrown by the thrower. Whenever a runner is hit, she becomes a thrower in the circle as well. Players must be hit below the waist to count. Players can stop and hide behind a mat for up to 10 seconds, but then must exit and continue running. Play for a certain time limit or until all players have been hit!
(Thanks to Justin Mull)


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  1. this seems really fun to play in pe

  2. How do you go about getting the balls back to the Ball Pit for those “hit/it” to throw again? What is the rule on that?

    • Runners could either roll them back for the throwers (doesn’t count as getting hit) or the players in the middle could go out to get the loose balls, but MUST bring the balls back to the middle before throwing.

  3. what kind of mats stand up on their sides without falling down

  4. what country was this game created

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