Great Wall

Grade level: K-4
Equipment: None
Game Description: This tag game is similar to a British Bulldog style game, except when players are tagged, they start forming a wall across the middle that increasingly grows bigger as more players are tagged. Players who aren’t tagged will try to dodge the tagger, but also must go under, around, or passed the wall without making contact. Try it out and form your own Great Wall in your gym!

  1. Players start in a line along the edge of the gym.
  2. The tagger in the middle calls out ‘Great Wall’ and players try to run across to the other side.
  3. Any players who are tagged start forming a wall along the center line, holding arms and legs out in a star form.
  4. Rounds continue on and as time goes on the wall grows bigger.

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  1. For The Great Wall, when there are only a few forming the wall, can runners go around it?

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