Endzone Trappers

Grade level: 2-8
Equipment: Beanbags, Nerf Footballs, Poly spots
Game Description: This game can be a football lead-up game, or a stand-alone fun activity (can use different throwing skill besides football if you’d like to switch it up). Basically, 2 teams will face-off in an exciting sliding and throwing match, trying to put eachother into their jail (endzone) and escape from a jail by catching a ball thrown to them.
1. Split class into 2 teams – use pinnies to distinguish teams
2. Split court in half
3. Start game with bean bags and nerf footballs in the middle of the court and players on their respective walls
4. The goal is to try to get players from the other team in jail by sliding the bean bag on the floor to hit his/her foot (above the ankle does not count)
5. When hit in the foot with a bean bag, that player goes in the opposing team’s jail
6. To get out of jail, one of your teammates must throw the nerf football and it must be caught in the air in the end zone – when caught the player can return to their team’s side
7. Teams can have some defenders trying to intercept balls before the jailed players catch to keep them in jail
8. If players are in jail for awhile, call for a jailbreak

Key Points
-agility, throwing, sliding, catching, football vocabulary: Quarterback (throwers), receivers (catchers), defense (interceptions), complete vs. incomplete passes
(Thanks Brittany Dougher for this game idea)

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  1. I found this and am playing it this week. The kids seem to really like it! I had multiple timed 3-4 minute rounds. I added a rule on top of these original rules each round to increase the level of difficulty.
    Here is what I did:

    -Round 1- Original rules that are listed above.

    -Round 2- If a player is out and in the endzone and a bean bag slides into it, that player can throw/slide the bean bag to get people out from behind. Essentially, the “out” players can still get the other team out even though they are out. Getting a player out does not get anyone back in the game.

    -Round 3- If a team playing defense on their endzone intercepts a football or other throwing object, the player who threw the ball is out.

    -Round 4- Same Exact rules except switch the bean bags out for dodgeballs and players get the opposing team out by hitting them anywhere below the head.

    -Round 5- Repeat (If time)

    Thanks for sharing!

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