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Grade level: K-8
Equipment: Ball
Game Description: Strikeball is a great little game to work on aspects of goaltending, fielding, striking, and reaction time. Circle groups of any size can play this game together and try to score points by striking the ball between the legs of another player. Continuous fun and practice. Read More →


Grade level: K-5
Equipment: None
Game Description: A super easy, super fun game for the earlier-aged students. In mousetrap, the mice try to steal the cheese from the middle of the circle, and return it to their home outside of the circle. But they must be careful to time it just right, or else the mousetrap will close in and trap them! Good for laughs and good for exercise. Read More →

CandyCane Tag

Grade level: K-4
Equipment: None
Game Description: In Candy cane tag, players who are tagged must turn their body into a candy cane shape. To get back in the game, a player who isn’t tagged must run under the loop of the candy cane, or peel the wrapper off of it – your choice. Just a simple Christmas tag game idea to get students moving while at the same time promoting some Christmas cheer.



Grade level: 1-8
Equipment: None
Game Description: A unique type of tag game in which 3 players form a triangle facing inwards to eachother, joining hands or locking arms or shoulders. A fourth player will start outside of the triangle and attempt to tag the player on the opposite side of the triangle from him. Great game for shuffle stepping, changing of direction, teamwork, and that kind of thing. This game will work with pretty much any age level.

Pokemon Tag

Grade level: 1-8
Equipment: Colored pinnies, pylons/cones
Game Description: 4 teams, 4 colors, and lots of Pokemon! The action and movement in this tag game never stops as teams take turns being the taggers and try to tag the players on the opposing teams. Not just your regular type of tag game, this game adds a few more dynamics to it, as well as the opportunity to bring in other basic movement skills. Great game for larger groups too!

Backwards Soccer

Grade level: K-8
Equipment: Soccerball, nets
Game Description: This is soccer, but with everything backwards. The nets are backwards, the rules are backwards, and whatever else you’d like to turn backwards. No using feet to advance the ball, players must use their hands to shoot, pass, or dribble! But goalies? No using hands for them. Quite a mix-up from the regular game of soccer, but worth trying out to add something new and exciting. Read More →

Team Memory

Grade level: K-8
Equipment: Beanbags, frisbees or bowls
Game Description: This game is a must play! Players work together both physically and mentally to collect their teams beanbags that are hidden beneath cover. It’s a memory game, so some sharp thinking is needed to be successful. It’s also a movement game, where speed can be advantageous. Read More →

Alphabet In Motion

Grade level: K-4
Equipment: Alphabet letter pages
Game Description: This game enhances student physical literacy by creating active spelling activities in PE class. Another combination of movement and literacy, in which students will run around from letter to letter, spelling out different words. Add in some exercises as well, and push for both a strong physical and mental workout! Read More →


Grade level: 1-3
Equipment: None
Game Description: One of the different versions of ABC tag, this one lets students think of words that start with a certain letter, and when they get tagged, they must say the word and/or spell the word out loud before they can get back into the game. Another popular version of ABC tag that you can try out as well goes something like this: students who are tagged try to turn their body into the shape of a letter. Try one or both of these versions of this game in your physical education class!