Grade level: 1-6
Equipment: Foam balls
Game Description: In ‘Boomerang’ players will throw, roll, dodge, jump, run, share, and have a tonne of fun. This is an active target game that covers a wide range of skills.

  1. Players spread out around the playing area.
  2. Introduce the dodgeballs.
  3. Players run around and pick up a dodgeball.
  4. Players throw or roll a dodgeball to hit another player below the knee.
  5. If a player is hit, she must sit down where hit (and give up any dodgeballs in hand).
  6. Player can get back up once a dodgeball rolls to her, or if someone shares with her.
  7. Remind players to keep ball low.

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  1. My K-6 students and I love this game! Quick to start and everybody is sweaty 😉

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