Category: Fun

Indy 500

Grade level: K-4
Equipment: Hula hoops
Game Description: Create a race-track, give players a car (hula hoop), and run the engines. Careful not to crash, or it’s off to the pit stop for repairs. This exciting game is not for Sunday drivers: the goal is to move, move, move, but keep to your own personal space if possible! Read More →

Hulahoop Madness


Grade level: 4-8
Equipment: Football, baseball, or frisbee
Game Description: This is a great Throwing and Catching game for any sport or activity that uses those skills (football, baseball, ultimate Frisbee, etc). Non-stop action, teamwork, strategy, communication, with the option of competition. A must-play, and a definite favorite with lots of positive review. Read More →


Grade level: K-5
Equipment: Beanbags
Game Description: The Robots move around in their best robotic form trying to keep their battery power pack – that is, their bean bag – balanced on their head. Robot mechanics will go around and find any broken robots, making any necessary repairs so the players can get right back in the game. Lots of room for variations or modifications, including the adding of a villain who chases the robots. Read More →


Grade level: K-8
Equipment: Ball
Game Description: Strikeball is a great little game to work on aspects of goaltending, fielding, striking, and reaction time. Circle groups of any size can play this game together and try to score points by striking the ball between the legs of another player. Continuous fun and practice. Read More →


Grade level: 2-8
Equipment: Exercise mats
Game Description: Marioland is a unique tag game for PE class! Six exercise mats are spread out along the floor to represent 6 lands in the kingdom: Princess castle, Luigi Mansion, Mario Tube, Toadstool, Yoshi Island, and Bowser Castle. Players try to dodge the taggers as they move from land to land. Another student favourite. Read More →


Grade level: 3-8
Equipment: Ball
Game Description: Catch-5 is a top notch team game! It’s definitely one of the better games out there to promote and enhance the passing skill, as well as other skills such as moving to open spaces, pivoting, and intercepting. Lots of action and lots of fun as players work together to score points by completing 5 passes before losing control of the ball or before the other team intercepts them. Highly recommended for use as part of a basketball or team handball unit, or as a stand-alone game for physical education class. Read More →


Grade level: K-5
Equipment: None
Game Description: A super easy, super fun game for the earlier-aged students. In mousetrap, the mice try to steal the cheese from the middle of the circle, and return it to their home outside of the circle. But they must be careful to time it just right, or else the mousetrap will close in and trap them! Good for laughs and good for exercise. Read More →



Grade level: K-8
Equipment: Soccerball, nets
Game Description: This is soccer, but with everything backwards. The nets are backwards, the rules are backwards, and whatever else you’d like to turn backwards. No using feet to advance the ball, players must use their hands to shoot, pass, or dribble! But goalies? No using hands for them. Quite a mix-up from the regular game of soccer, but worth trying out to add something new and exciting. Read More →