Grade level: 3-8
Equipment: Ball
Game Description: Catch-5 is a top notch team game! It’s definitely one of the better games out there to promote and enhance the passing skill, as well as other skills such as moving to open spaces, pivoting, and intercepting. Lots of action and lots of fun as players work together to score points by completing 5 passes before losing control of the ball or before the other team intercepts them. Highly recommended for use as part of a basketball or team handball unit, or as a stand-alone game for physical education class.

  1. Form 2 teams in the playing area (use a half-court or full court basketball or volleyball court). Introduce the ball.
  2. The goal of the game is to complete 5 successful passes, without the other team intercepting or knocking the ball away, to earn a point.
  3. Passes must be counted out loud…’1,2,3,4,5!’
  4. Upon completing the 5th pass, that player puts the ball against the ground and scores a point.
  5. If the ball goes out of bounds, it’s the other teams ball. Same thing with fouls (no contact allowed) or if a team knocks it away.


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  1. My 5-8 th graders loved this game! Fast paced and inclusive. Having a number of passes to reach as a goal instead of a basket made the focus on teamwork instead of traditional scoring

  2. One way I modified this game was by placing a hula hoop under the basket and they get a point when a player on the team catches and sets the ball down in the hoop. They advance the ball by passing and can pass as many times as needed.

    The big difference between this version and the one presented in the video is that they need to move the ball into the key to score. We can then progress to where they need to do a lay up once it’s in the hoop in order to score.

  3. Can you move when you have the ball?

    • I play with the “pivot” step, so players can pivot around but not take any steps when they have the ball. But you could add a step rule if you want.

  4. Great Game! I do this game in 4 grids and divide the class into smaller teams (4 kids). Everyone has to have the ball 1X before anyone can have it again. The kids love it and everyone is engaged!

  5. I’ve played this game for a few years. Great activity. My only problem is getting the kids (especially 3rd grade) to move in open areas to have a better chance of catching the ball. Good team game for teaching the concepts of defense, offense, pivoting, deceptive movements, guarding, etc…I play 3 on 3 for more participation. Three catches equals one point, 3 point wins the game. They have 3 seconds to pass the ball or the other team gains possession. each round lasts 3 minutes (concept of 3’s-S.P.A.R.K.).

  6. How do you initiate the game? thanks

  7. how do you initiate the game?

  8. We allow our students to complete more than 5 passes for more points! They have to get to 5 and then anything after 5 earns them that number of points… (i.e. 6 passes= 6 points) Also, we allow the defense to get points too!
    If you knock down a pass, you get 1/2 the points they were trying to get and if you intercept, you get the number of points they would have scored if they completed the pass.

  9. My Middle school students love this game too. We play where we divide the class into two even teams or we have two seperate games going on at the same time. We will have winners go against winners and losers against losers. We call it 5 to 5. Objective is 5 consecutive throws and catches scores a point first team to 5 wins. If there is a turnover the player must tap it on the ground or bounce it to them self to begin play. They must give a 2 foot safety circle around each other or pass interference will be called. THey have 5 seconds to throw it and no traveling. No handoffs allowed.

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