Bean-Bag Tag

Grade level: K-4
Equipment: Bean bags
Game Description: Slide beanbags along the floor to tag other players in the foot. All players can run around and jump to dodge, but once there’s a beanbag in a player’s hand, they can no longer move around. When hit, players sit until a beanbag slides within reach.

  1. Place many bean bags randomly spread out along the floor.
  2. On the signal, players can run, jump, dodge – trying to not get hit by sliding bean bags.
  3. Once a bean bag is picked up in hand, players can’t move. They must then slide the bean bag along floor attempting to hit the foot of another player.
  4. Whenever a player is hit in the foot, he must sit down where hit (and give up any bean bags in hand).
  5. Player is stuck down until a bean bag slides within reach and he can grab it.

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