Grade Level: K-8
Equipment: 4 foam balls
Game Description: This is a special type of dodgeball game with official rules, refs, and the whole show! With sportsmanship being the number 1 rule, teams will compete in an epic battle to be the last ones standing. Great game incorporating lots of skills. Popular in Australia, kids love this one and get nice and sweaty. There’s talk of some major tournament play and school-wide fun. Try it out!

Also see the official rules manual (WORD DOCUMENT DOWNLOAD) posted below:



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  1. This is very similiar to a brazilian game called “Queimada”…which is very popular there…

  2. Hello,
    Looks like a great game! Question is this………..the opposing players who are out and go to the baseline of the opposite team………….do they throw at the team in front of them from that close of range? Seems like it would be easy to hit people since you’re on their side of the court. Especially since most of the opposing team will have their back to the baseline players from the other team. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks, Pete

    • Hey pete i had the kids that were out and on the baseline throw non-dominant over hand. That made it a little harder and more safe

  3. Hey Pete,

    Yes the players from the baseline can throw and hence why Battleball is a 360 degree game and the spot you stand on the court becomes tactical and dependent upon where the balls are at the time.


  4. When out you can throw balls to hit opponents but you remain out, correct?

  5. This game is a definite keeper. My 7th and 8th graders cant get enough. Thank you!

  6. this is a very bareeely game

  7. I’m playing a tournament of Battle Ball tomorrow as an inter school game. I’m an Aussie

  8. guyz i have to play battleball in p.e. tomorrow and im still not sure how to play

  9. I love this game! It is so fun and I play it a lot

  10. Awesome game and well worth playing so you know the rules. Thanks.

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