4-Way Capture The Flag

Grade level: 4-8
Equipment: Flags (beanbags or other), cones
Game Description: 4 teams will face-off in this version of capture the flag, each starting in their own quadrant in the gym or playing area. There needs to be a safe zone in each quadrant marked off with cones – this is also the place for the flags to be collected into. The goal is to be the first team to collect all 6 of your teams color flags. Before the game begins, 2 flags of each of the other teams colors are placed into your teams safe zone area (just not your own teams flags). So each team starts with the other teams flags. Teams are safe only in their own quadrant or the safe zones. If a player is in a different teams quadrant, he or she can get tagged. When tagged, that player must sit where they got caught and hope for a teammate to come save them (tag them) – then they both take a free walk back to their area. If tagged with a flag in their hand, that flag needs to be returned first, and then sit down where tagged. Try it out as a fun variation of Capture the Flag! (Thanks to Lauren Venera)

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  1. Love this game!!! However, instead of having them sit down I have the students who get tagged go back to their team’s area and try to steal again. Less confusion for my students.

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