4-Corner Dodgeball

Grade level: 2-8
Equipment: Dodgeballs, pylons
Game Description: 4-corner dodgeball starts with 4 teams in their corners. When players are hit, they join the team that hit them. If one team is left with no players, the space opens up for another team. Lots of action, dodging, throwing, rolling, and fun.

  1. Divide the gym into 4 playing areas using cones.
  2. Create 4 even teams.
  3. Whenever a player is hit, he joins the team who hit him (so players are constantly changing teams).
  4. If one space has no players left in it, take the cones away to open up a bigger space for a different team.
  5. Play until there’s only 1 team left!


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  1. Great idea! I played it with my 3rd graders and they enjoyed it. Just a quick question, what happens if the ball is caught? Does the person who throws it go to the team that caught it or does nothing happen? It came up yesterday and I just had that player join the team, but wanted to hear your thoughts. Thank you!

  2. Awesome game! But what do you do when the kids want to be on the other team, so they keep asking to get hit? I had that problem with my 4th grade boys. They kept forming a boys team and it would end up being boys vs girls every time. Still fun! I just want them to learn more about team work, even with girls.

    • maybe try doing an a version where boys must hit girls and girls must hit boys.

      • We give each group 1 or 3 cones that sit in the middle of their zone (depending on the group, I sometimes create a no entering zone around the pylons to stop people from standing and blocking). The goal is not to hit other people, but to knock over the cones. If a player is hit, they must run to the back corner of their quadrant and touch the wall before continuing (if someone catches their throw, they also must run). Is someone knocks their own cone down by accident, it remains down. No one can enter another group’s quadrant.

  3. What happens if the diagonal team gets the last person out? (can’t move cones?)

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