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Grade Level: 2-8
Equipment: None
Game Description: This is a great warm-up game; it can be used in fitness, dance, stretching, or even just making goofy moves. Students form a circle around a leader who has 20 seconds to perform an action. The students must mimic the action, and then it’s someone else’s turn to be the leader. That’s it, that’s all. Simple and effective.

Grade Level: 2-8
Equipment: Poly spots (lilly pads)
Game Description: This is a teambuilding game where students take turns trying to find their way through the maze of lilly pads and get to the end. But with every wrong move, they must head to the back of the line and give someone else a chance. It’s great for memory-practice, communication, and team activity. Create fun and challenging mazes, switch up the leaders, and give it a go!

Grade Level: 4-8
Equipment: Mats, nets, foam balls (2 colors)
Game Description: This is a handball and target type game with a little bit of dodgeball (the dodgeball part is optional if you don’t wish to include it). The main goal of the game is for players to score as many points as they can on the opposing team before the round is over – either 3 minutes per round or first to 5 points! There are goalies on each side who do their best to save the shots taken. Goalies can’t get ‘out’ if hit, unless they leave their crease area.

Grade Level: 4-8
Equipment: Mats, crash mats, handball
Game Description: This is a handball type game, but instead of scoring into goals, players must complete a diving catch onto a crash mat to score a point. Use whatever typical handball rules (3 steps, 3 seconds with the ball, etc) and go at it! For safety purposes, just make sure only 1 player per team can dive at the same time.

Grade Level: 1-6
Equipment: Cones, beachballs, music
Game Description: This game is a special take on Crab Soccer, one that gets crabs doing the crabwalk around trying to score points by kicking the ball into the opposing teams goal area. The lobsters are the goalies who can use their hands to punch or push the ball away. All players get a chance to be both crab and lobster, using different movement skills to accomplish their tasks.

Grade Level: 5-8
Equipment: Basketballs, hulahoops, lilly pads
Game Description: Hot Shots is a basketball shooting game where teams compete for the win! Colored lilly pads are placed on the floor all throughout the gym as shooting spots. Each player has a basketball. When a player scores a basket from a shooting spot, he picks up the lilly pad and places it in his teams collection hoop. Game goes on either for a few minutes, or until one team has 15 points (up to the teacher).

Grade Level: 1-4
Equipment: Pins, foam balls
Game Description: Partners compete to be the first to get the pin to their side by rolling the ball at it and knocking it over successfully a few times – every time a person knocks the pin over, the pin advances closer to that player. Great target practice game to work on improving the rolling skill.

Grade Level: 2-5
Equipment: Dodgeballs, scooters
Game Description: In this game, the T-Rex, Dilophosaurus, and Raptors are the taggers and each get dodgeballs. The Triceritops are the free-ers and sit on scooters. continue reading…

Grade Level: 1-5
Equipment: Beanbags, tails
Game Description: The critters (squirrels, racoons, or whatever animals you want to use) try to get the pieces of food from the far side safely back to their home without getting their tails swiped off by the foxes! This game includes running, dodging, strategy, and good old fun. All you need are some beanbags – or substitute other – and some tails for the critters to wear. continue reading…

Grade level: 1-5
Equipment: Hula-hoops, dodgeballs, cones
Game Description: In this game, there are good robots, and then there are bad robots (taggers). The good robots try their best to get away from the bad robots, because if tagged then they must head to the repair shop for a fixing! Safe zones are available for the good robots to recharge their energy when needed – but only for 10 seconds at a time. continue reading…

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