Category: COVID-19 Games

4-Side Warmup

Grade level: K-8
Equipment: 4 cones
Game Description: This is a simple warm-up activity. Just as the name says, it’s a 4-sided warm-up. Using the lengths and widths of the gym, choose 4 warm-up actions or movements for your athletes to perform for as many repetitions as needed. As with any warm-up, always try to choose actions or motions that are related to the upcoming main activity. Read More →

Alphabet In Motion

Grade level: K-4
Equipment: Alphabet letter pages
Game Description: This game enhances student physical literacy by creating active spelling activities in PE class. Another combination of movement and literacy, in which students will run around from letter to letter, spelling out different words. Add in some exercises as well, and push for both a strong physical and mental workout! Read More →


Grade level: 1-8
Equipment: 6 cones/pylons
Game Description: A fantastic running or dribbling game with lots of positive review. Teams will run or race on the Speedway, with players on each team taking turns cruising laps. A unique relay-style idea to get imaginations flowing and bodies moving. This is a continuous motion game with lots of room for variations. It can be played competitively or non-competitively. Read More →


Grade level: K-4
Equipment: Balloons
Game Description: Using balloons, students will practice a whole pile of basic movement skills. Each student gets a balloon and will perform a list of actions: things like standing in front, jumping over, picking it up, balancing on a finger, etc, etc. A great beginners PE or beginning of the year physical education game.


Grade level: K-2
Equipment: None
Game Description: Such a simple warm-up game! Choose a theme – for example, the jungle. Then students can choose a jungle animal that they will pretend to be, perhaps a monkey or parrot, and spend a minute moving around like that animal, making the animal noises. After a minute, change the theme. For example, the arctic. Students will then choose an arctic animal like a penguin or seal and do the same thing.

Pin Knockover

Grade level: 2-8
Equipment: Plastic bowling pins, dodgeballs
Game Description: Pin Knockover is a classic target throwing or rolling game. Two teams match-up on each side of the gym and be the first team to knock over all of the opposing teams pins. Other skills involved are blocking, goaltending, running, underhand, overhand, ducking, etc. Great team game for development and enjoyment. Read More →

Red Light Green Light

Grade level: K-4
Equipment: None
Game Description: Red light: stop. Green light: go. One of the most basic ideas to use to practice basic routine and whistle sequences, as well as basic movement skills. Lots of different ideas and variations can be implemented to enhance this game.

What Time Is It Mr. Wolf?

Grade level: K-2
Equipment: None
Game Description: The classic game of What Time Is It Mr. Wolf…the big bad wolf stands opposite from the group who keeps asking him what time it is. If it’s 10:00, the students take 10 steps closer. 5:00 and it’s 5 steps closer. Soon it will be LUNCH TIME and the wolf is hungry! The first player he chases and catches becomes the new wolf.

Frisbee Golf

Grade level: 4-8
Equipment: Frisbees, hula hoops, pylons
Game Description: A great game to test out and practice throwing accuracy and targeting for frisbee. Create different holes at varying distances, with different pars for the course. See how many throws it takes to hit the target at each hole! Read More →

4-Goal Soccer

Grade level: 2-8
Equipment: Soccer balls, 4 goals
Game Description: 4 Goal Soccer is another popular soccer PE game, especially with larger groups. 4 nets are set-up on each side. 4 teams go at it with whatever soccer rules the teacher wants to implement. Teams can score in any net except their own – that’s obvious. Definitely worth taking a look at; lots of movement, exercise, and skill development potential in this game.