Category: COVID-19 Games

Rainbow Road

Grade level: K-4
Equipment: Colored spots (lilly pads), or hula hoops
Game Description: In ‘Rainbow Road’ teams of players will move in different patterns along spots on the floor depending on which color sequence is called out. A variety of movement skills can be used to spice things up. Read More →

Soccerball Tag

Grade level: 2-8
Equipment: Soccer balls (or nerf balls, dodgeballs)
Game Description: Soccerball tag provides a fun opportunity to practice dribbling, passing, kicking, dodging, and spacial awareness. In soccer ball tag, the taggers dribble a foam ball around and try to kick it at the feet of the roamers to tag them. If a player gets tagged by a ball, they also become a tagger and grab a ball from the side. The game gets trickier as more and more players become it. Give it a go in a soccer unit or as a stand alone game! Read More →

Throw Up

Grade level: 3-6
Equipment: Tennis balls, beanbags
Game Description: Throw Up gets players throwing a ball up and down (and hopefully catching) multiple times whilst doing a series of other motions to make things a bit more interesting. When students miss a catch, they must lay on their backs and successfully complete a throw and catch before they can rejoin the rest of the group. This is a great game to practice hand-eye coordination while cruising around with momentum. Lots of variations to try out as well! Read More →

Heart Smart

Grade level: K-4
Equipment: None
Game Description: Heart Smart ties together health smarts with physical activity (both are obviously important for everyone so why not give it a try!)  It’s a quick game that can be used as a warm-up or movement break. Read More →

Crazy Ball Soccer

Grade level: K-8
Equipment: Various soft or foam balls
Game Description: Great for any grade or age level, Crazy Ball Soccer is basically a soccer game with a little bit of attitude. Set-up a soccer game as normal, except that instead of just using a soccer ball, add in whatever crazy equipment you might have to kick around! Some tested equipment that works well in this game are foam footballs, large foam dice, or beach balls – use all of them at the same time and watch them bounce all crazy-like around the field or gym as the players try to kick them. Add in whatever rules desired when it comes to goalies, points, etc. Read More →

Hunter Hawks

Grade level: 2-8
Equipment: Hula hoops
Game Description: Communication is key in this game, as birds try to leave their tree nests safely so that the hunter hawks cannot land in them. Using hula hoops as the tree nests, students communicate and switch spots, but might end up becoming a hunter hawk looking for a new home. Read More →

The Video Camera Game

Grade level: K-5
Equipment: None
Game Description: Very simple warm-up game with a simple idea: the teacher calls out familiar actions that you would find on a video camera – play, stop, rewind, fast forward, etc. For each word that’s called out, the students will have to perform the related action within the playing area. Call random orders and mix it up! Switch leaders after awhile too to create their own patterns or sequences. Here’s what we have to get you started: Read More →