Category: COVID-19 Games

Snow Pizza

Grade level: K-6
Equipment: Snow (or sand or concrete pad & chalk)
Game Description: Here’s a fun game to play in the fresh snow (thanks to a friend of mine Richard Turenne)! If you don’t have snow, try using sand or a cement pad and sidwalk chalk! First, players need to follow the leader (the teacher) who makes a pizza shape in the fresh snow by trailblazing a path. Throughout the process, stop and ask math questions related to fractions as you create a pizza shape (full, halves, quarters, etc). Once it’s created, time to PLAY! One player starts as a tagger in the middle of the pizza. The rest of the players start along the pizza crust. The tagger, known as the big bad pizza man or woman, will go and try to tag someone. EVERYONE MUST STAY ON THE LINES/PATHWAY. When someone gets caught, that player becomes the new tagger. Vary the size of your pizza circle depending on your numbers. ENJOY!

Mini Gym Riot

Grade level: 4-8
Equipment: None or Various
Game Description: Here’s a game idea perfect for anytime – give it a try and have a pile of fun! Teams will face-off in a series of challenges to try to earn points (like they would in a real gym riot, however with smaller groups and maybe different challenges). Create 4 teams, and have a list of challenges ready – with or without equipment or a combination. For every challenge, each team will send one member to complete the challenge against the other teams, MAKING SURE PLAYERS TAKE EVEN TURNS THROUGH EACH CHALLENGE. You could arrange ‘surprise’ challenges where students are surprised with which challenge they are going to have to complete, OR show them the list and let them choose who from their team will complete which challenge. Use the examples given in the video, or come up with some of your own creative ideas! Teams earn points whenever their member wins a challenge. See which team comes out on top at the end, and reward them if you’d like. I like to reward the winning team with 20 burpees ;p

5 Soccer Circle Ideas

Grade level: 4-8
Equipment: Soccerballs, cones
Game Description: Here are 5 soccer circle ideas you can use to work on passing (and dribbling) as well as more skills! They range from simple to moderately advanced and there’s really not much more to say about them – just find some space, bring a whole bunch of soccerballs, and have fun. Turn them into 5 different stations that groups rotate through, or have everyone doing the same one at the same time then switch to the next, or whatever works for your situation!

Act It Out

Grade level: 3-8
Equipment: None (exercise mats if desired)
Game Description: Simple and fun creative movement activity that can be played throughout most grade levels. PE plus a bit of drama (not your typical grade 7 drama that gives teachers a headache, but the other kind of drama). So simple: make some groups, find some space, and give each group a theme or an idea that they will have to act out using the best of their physical movements capabilities! Keep it informal and have a blast, or make it more formal and specific, create rubrics and things to include, etc – groups present to the class once finished! That’s the basic idea, please watch the video for a few more details!

Mini Skills Triathlon

Grade level: 5-8
Equipment: Beanbags, Hula hoops
Game Description: A great ‘mini’ triathlon using THREE different important skills. This idea could be a great introduction to talking about an official triathlon (endurance race – swimming, cycling, running). Get students practicing their underhand toss, balance, and kicking skills, while also getting sweaty in a fun competition. Not much equipment is required, just some patience and good work ethic to get the job done! Each student will need a beanbag and a hula hoop. Give the instructions, explaining the three different parts to this triathlon, and GO!!! Race is on! Or if you don’t want it to be a race, simply have them complete it in their fastest time possible. Control is key, explain how finding the balance between control and speed is super important!

Dice Dribblers

Grade level: 4-8
Equipment: A foam dice, basketballs
Game Description: Fun little activity to work on the all-important dribbling skill! Groups will start along one of four sides of the court, each with a basketball in hand (or a ball at their feet for soccer, or stick in hand for hockey). The teacher will roll the big dice to see what number it lands on. Depending on the number it lands on, something will happen: Numbers 1-4 are for each of the four groups… if it lands on their number, they will complete a wave of dribbling to the other side and back. Numbers 5 and 6 are for rotations clockwise and counterclockwise. The players who aren’t moving while others are performing their wave of dribbling can simply dribble on the spot, weak hand, strong hand, figure 8s or whatever you’d like! Try it out and hope you and your students enjoy another Physedgames original game!

The Great Outdoor Treasure Hunt

Grade level: K-8
Equipment: Nature
Game Description: What better way to use outdoor space than a scavenger hunt!? This hunt is a bit different from your typical hunt, because instead of a list that players need to just check off when they see the items, they must BRING THE ITEMS HOME to their collection area. You can and should create a secret treasure item that you’ve hidden somewhere outside beforehand (for example hide a Kleenex box somewhere good and players need to also retrieve a tissue from the box). Simply start by creating a home area where individuals or partners (depending how you want to do it) put their hula hoop on the ground, which is their collection area to bring the items into. Next, go over the rules with all students, and give them a list of the items (or leave a master poster at the home area so they have to use their memory). Note that they can only bring 1 item back at a time! Obviously choose items that students can find or access in your area/community. Stress the importance of respecting property and not taking things that they shouldn’t. At the end, players will return all the items that need to be returned!

Mini Basketball Relay

Grade level: 5-8
Equipment: Basketballs, hoops
Game Description: A simple relay idea to practice basketball skills: dribbling, shooting, rebounding. Players are sure to have a fun time playing off against each other to try to be the first team to score 10 baskets (or most baskets made in a certain time)! Best to use small groups/teams of 2-3 players per team on half courts, but could also be done on full court. Each player has their own ball. Each team faces their own hoop. On the go signal, the first player from each line dribbles the ball towards their hoop and takes a shot where they feel comfortable. Players continue to shoot until one of them scores a basket. At that time, the team who scored must yell out their score (for example, “THREE”!) and then the players must retrieve their ball and return to their teams line. As soon as they return, the next player in line can go. Game continues on and on like this! One rule you can add is that the students waiting in line can practice their dribbling skills so that they’re not just standing there (although they shouldn’t be standing for too long anyways). Should be LOTS OF FUN! (Thanks Zane Gardner for inspiring this game idea).

Last Man Standing

Grade level: 3-8
Equipment: None
Game Description: Just like the name says, students will try to be the ‘last man standing’ or the last one left. It’s an elimination type game, but don’t worry – the ones who are eliminated aren’t actually standing around doing nothing once they’re out – they must perform some exercises or alternate activity until the round is over. The game is played inside the basketball court area (or outside in an area marked off by cones). On the go signal, or along to music, players will move around as they wish inside the play area. When the teacher says stop, or stops the music, all players must choose one of the following actions: sit, stand, lay down, kneel down. And then the teacher will call out one of those actions (for example: STANDING) so therefore all players who are performing that action are OUT. Once out, they go outside the play area and perform exercises chosen beforehand until the round is over. Repeats like this until there’s 1 left..

Stunt Pilots

Grade level: K-3
Equipment: Variety
Game Description: Stunt Pilots is sure to be a hit – what kid doesn’t want to fly their own plane and do a whole bunch of tricks: through the mountain range, low flying, spins, backwards, bumpy riding, straight edge, and more! Either let them fly around and explore the areas on their own, or tell them all where to go at what time “ex, TO THE MOUNTAINS! UNDER THE POWERLINES! LAND IN THE WATER!” Takes just a bit of set-up before beginning, students don’t need to handle any of the equipment at anytime either, so it can be used with covid-19 measures in place. Start-up the engines and hope you enjoy this original Physedgames game!